Rock Face Icicles

How's this for textures?  Having spent a couple of hours in the snow, and suffering from numb fingers, I almost missed the cascading  icicles on the moss-covered rock face on the way back to the car.  What's five more minutes in the cold anyway?   This ended up being my favorite shot from the Sunday photo walk.


Sure, the rich summer meadows and rainbow spectrum of wildflowers may be a bit more exciting in a landscape shot, but there's something calming to me about Mount Shuksan in the dead of winter.   Walking through compact snow that muffled each crunch of my boots,  finding beautiful frozen objects with each turn, I quickly forgot it was below freezing.  …

Cold Details

The first photo walk of the year was with Andy, and we traveled up Mount Baker Highway for some pictures of snow and ice.   It's bare and dry in Bellingham, but an hour up the road it's still a winter wonderland, and it will be for some time. It is really difficult to take a …

Holiday Aftermath

Victim of my cleaning frenzy. The Christmas decorations are down and packed away, pine needles no longer litter the floor, and  since all my friends were too exhausted to go out tonight, I find myself with some time to process the holiday aftermath.  My body can't handle anymore sugar, anymore alcoholic beverages, anymore excessive living.  My …

Happy New Year!

The journey through Coupeville, Washington ends with this unidentified object.  It appeared to be combination of crab and  beach stones, fused together to create some sort of festive pier decoration.   It was so ugly, it was beautiful! I started my photo blog last March on Blogspot, which was dedicated to images from my cell phone.  The …

Coupeville Cat

Towards the end of our photo walk on Saturday, Jen and I spotted this cat sunbathing on the ledge of one of Coupeville's shops.   Like a lot of animals I find lately, he patiently posed for a minute before scurrying away.

Open Doors

  I've been wrong about this year.  2010 wasn't about the doors that closed;  it was about the ones that were opening.