Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


This past week was a difficult one for me. I am close to finishing my book and wondering how my Word Babies will be accepted by the world. Will people buy my book? If they do buy it, will they like it? What if it gets ripped apart in book clubs? What if it doesn’t get published at all?!

Part of my anxiety stems from the fact I just entered the first four chapters into the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest. Contest finalists will be announced in June, and the winners will be announced at the writers conference in July. Finalists will receive ribbons to wear at the conference, and I find that quite glamorous – being marked for greatness by the literary powers that be, hobnobbing with agents and editors, and proudly discussing my written offspring.  So now, of course, I’m worried about not being awarded a ribbon and am already fraught with jealousy over a yet to be determined list of winners. (insert loud, exasperated sigh.)

This morning I boarded a ferry to Lummi Island to spend part of the day writing at the Beach Store Cafe. It’s the perfect place to grab a chair by the window and let those worries recede into the waters of Hale Passage. Sitting here and reading over my manuscript, I am reminded that I write because I love writing, not because of finalist ribbons or promise of where my Word Babies will travel. Writing is like steering a boat through fog. I don’t know if the waters ahead are smooth or turbulent. I don’t know if I’ll even find the shore or how long I’ll be sailing. But, I keep moving forward.

What’s the alternative? To stay docked?

I am assured that all writers have doubts about their craft. Does anyone else out there worry so much about things that haven’t even happened?

Shipwrecked II

Can you believe there were two shipwrecked boats on the same beach?  Well there were, and I was a little surprised considering this is Bellingham.  

I wasn’t even going to log on to my computer tonight to post, but then decided to visit Adorama.com to order the Nikon 18mm – 200mm f/3.5-5.6 I’ve been wanting to go with my new camera.  It was important to get this new lens, because I just found out I’ll be one of the photographers at the Bellingham Roller Betties bout next weekend!   I’ve secretly wanted to be in the roller derby, but considering I can’t skate and don’t take pain very well, photographing a bout is a far better alternative for me!  I’m really excited!

Happy Friday, everyone!


I’ve been reading Steve McCurry’s Blog lately, and it’s forced me to rethink what I want to accomplish with my photography.  I know we can’t all travel the world and evoke complex emotions with each shutter actuation, but I’d like to think I’m shooting with purpose. 

When I got my first point and shoot, and then when I got my hands on a DSLR (thanks to David), I took pictures of anything and everything.  But now?  I don’t know.  I think more before clicking.  Perhaps that’s why I haven’t been posting as much lately – it’s not so much being busy as just wanting to take things to another level.  I’m not sure what that next level is yet. 

I’ll have some time to think about this in a couple of weeks when I travel back to Ireland. Ten hours in the air with no entertainment other than B movies that haven’t yet made it to DVD provides a lot of that.  Also, it turns out Steve McCurry has an exhibit in the Temple Bar area of Dublin while I’m there, so I’ll need to check that out!   Maybe Bono is wrong and I will find what I’m looking for??  🙂

Boat Textures

Driving down Squalicum Parkway, Jen spotted this boat.  The problem was, the old boat was behind a big fence.  So, how do you capture an image of something when you have a chain link fence in the way?  You put the lens against the square with the most interesting view and click away.  No, you can’t get the whole boat, but there are interesting angles to be found.