Long past the days of hiding chocolate chip cookies from young children, this old tin now sits semi-concealed along the interurban trail in Bellingham, slowly being devoured by rust.   I took this a while back on a photo walk with Andy.  Sometimes, when I find something I like, I don’t tell him about it until after we leave the location so we don’t end up duplicating each other’s work.  Is that bad?

Knock Knock

“Knock knock,” Ella says.

I know the routine.  “Who’s there?”

“Boo…” she continues.

I then ask her the only appropriate question, “Boo who?”

“Boo penguin!”  She giggles, knowing the joke makes no sense, but she can’t remember how it actually goes.  But  she’s five and it’s cute, and I love her to pieces.  We spend the next half hour online looking up real “knock knock” jokes and laughing obnoxiously at the punch lines. 

I was looking for just one photo to capture the essence of the day, which included a trip by ferry to Port Townsend.  I realized this one of my niece, which so perfectly highlights  her blue eyes, was the only possible choice.   My family lives in Minnesota, and I’ve never before in Ella’s life spent so much quality time with her.    I am so blessed to have been given this perfect day and all its little adventures. 

Camera:  Nikon Coolpix 100
Location:  La Isla Mexican restaurant;  Port Townsend, Washington