The Burden of Being Fancy

The Burden of Being Fancy

When I got my Nikon D800 four years ago I thought, this camera is going to change my life. I dubbed her "Fancy" and vowed to travel the world with her, taking once in a lifetime photographs that would have National Geographic pounding at my door. Today, I just think about how much she makes [...]


Missing Kerry

Missing Kerry

Rossbeigh Beach Near the village of Glenbeigh on the Ring of Kerry, Ireland I have never counted all the pictures I took while living in Ireland. There are probably thousands. I keep them in folders labeled by County and by month, and whenever I need to visit Ireland, I just open Kerry or Clare or [...]

Living in the Pacific Northwest

As I walked away from breakfast yesterday morning, hot coffee cup warming my hands, camera bag on my back, and raindrops collecting on my eyelashes, I smiled.   To live happily in the Pacific Northwest, one must learn to accept the ever-present clouds and look for something beautiful to photograph on all of those gray days.  The quick [...]

Shipwrecked II

Can you believe there were two shipwrecked boats on the same beach?  Well there were, and I was a little surprised considering this is Bellingham.   I wasn't even going to log on to my computer tonight to post, but then decided to visit to order the Nikon 18mm - 200mm f/3.5-5.6 I've been wanting [...]


As I was finishing my photo walk on Sunday, I spotted these local photographers on the beach.  I loved the way the light was filtering through the umbrella, but they closed it up before I could get a shot I liked.  So, I approached them and asked if they'd open it again.  You'd have thought [...]

The Sacred Place

Some of my girlfriends and I took a ferry out to Port Townsend yesterday and decided to start a new tradition. One weekend each August we'll buy a bottle of chilled white wine and make our way down to the beach below the lighthouse.  We'll lay in the sun and eventually make our way back [...]