Revisiting Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

Waking up to another foggy morning, I decided it was time for an updated shot of ol’ Angel Eyes – especially because there seems to be so much interest in her this time of year.

I first posted pictures of Angel Eyes three years ago on my blog:

Her Angel Eyes are Haunted

Happy Halloween

Perhaps a spirit has attached itself to this monument? If so, it’s certainly a friendly one. I’ve never felt anything except peace while walking the grounds of Bayview.

Her Angel Eyes are Haunted

Not being a Bellingham native, I had no idea what the clue “her angel eyes are haunted” meant during a scavenger hunt I particpated in last weekend.   Apparently, if I had grown up here, I would have known that local kids paint the eyes of this Bayview Cemetery angel to glow in the dark around Halloween. 

After losing the scavenger hunt challenge by 10 seconds (thanks to a soiled shoe and some deer), I decided to revisit Bayview for a proper picture.  I discovered that a cemetery is fertile ground for strange things that have absolutely nothing to do with the paranormal.  While photographing the angel, a young man approached me to ask if the angel statue was new to the cemetery.   I told him what I was doing and then he yelled at some kids who were making out upon a large gravestone.   When I turned again to continue the conversation, the man had disappeared, and the kids were running the other way. 

There were a few lurkers there as well, and coupled with the general eeriness of an unnaturally high humidity, I made it a short visit.