Wounded, no doubt, in an epic battle involving bored adolescents, this poor angel at Bayview Cemetery is still standing.   Unless, of course, I'm jumping to conclusions and she actually came pre-severed... This will conclude my posts on Bayview.   I'm wondering what new photo project to start?

Chasing Waterfalls

It seems like every photographer has a smooth waterfall picture in their portfolio.   Andy has a few on his walls. Until now I didn't really care, but then as we walked through Whatcom Falls Park yesterday on our group photo walk, I decided I wanted my own.   David's advice, after lending me the Canon 40d I'm …

Twisted II

The colors may be more vibrant, but I still prefer the original Twisted.  Camera:  Canon 40d Location:  Entrance to Bayview Cemetery; Bellingham, Washington

A Piece of Dirty Dan

Yesterday afternoon ended with a London Fog from Tony's Coffee (always done to perfection) and a stroll through the Village Green in Fairhaven where I stopped to read my new book, The House of God by Samuel Shem.   Chapter I of this book made me wonder if medicine is a good field to go into.  The jury is …

Dew Drops

These leaves are a precise expression of my Ordinary Things Project.   Deciduous trees have the unfortunate destiny of losing their leaves once a year.   Littering the ground, they may not seem like much anymore, but if you look closely - sometimes you'll see something beautiful still remains.   These dew drops, for example, reminded me of treasure.   I …

Window to the Soul

This lovely lady is my friend, Erica.  She designed, and with the help of her talented mother, created the most amazing peacock costume.   These eyelashes were the finishing touch.   Quite exotic!


Magenta ivy, lining an old barn in Whatcom County, inspired this post.  I love this time of year and the beautiful colors!  Camera:  Canon 40d Location:  Stoney Ridge Farm