Sushi Again

The Wednesday Night Sushi Crew was disappointed when our favorite sushi chef, Jack, announced he was heading south to train people at a new restaurant. Jack has secret rolls that no one else knows how to make! However, his temporary replacement, Grant, seems to be doing an excellent job. We are happy.

I stuck with my Jay Roll tonight, but Andy’s plate, pictured here, was a mix of spicy scallop and spicy tuna.

One-Armed Buddha or Chopsticks?

Wednesday night sushi at Pad Thai has become sort of a tradition. I wasn’t going to leave the comforts of my living room last night, but somehow Chuck and Andy managed to drag me out in my sweats looking haggard and maybe a little transient. Sitting at the actual sushi bar is also a requirement, so I decided to use the knick knacks around it for picture of the day subject matter. Not quite sure which I like better? The one armed Buddha or the chopsticks?