Not Done Yet

Leaves are still my favorite subject, the Picsay Pro app is amazing, and this picture is pretty. I will continue to alter reality until it isn’t fun anymore.

Ironically, it was the fresh green of the leaves against deep azure of the afternoon sky that caught my attention on the way to Anatomy and Physiology class. Changing the hue added a little interest, though…

Robert Frost Moment

The theme of my other blog, and the photos I’ve been taking with my Nikon, is “finding the beauty in ordinary things”.

I found these vines growing on a wall in Barkley Village yesterday afternoon when I went to meet Steven for coffee. How many people pass by seemily ordinary things, like these vines, and fail to see the beauty – the twists and turns, the pop of red?

I think good photography (and believe me, I’m far from there) is somehow learning to capture the essence of an object, the soul of a person. It’s focusing on the extraordinary beauty in the mundane, everyday details of life that often go unnoticed.