Dublin’s Alley Art Walks

Dublin’s Alley Art Walks

People say that all big cities are alike. In some ways that’s true: the lonely anonymity of a crowd, plumes of diesel exhaust trailing buses down thoroughfares, and the dizzying cacophony of a thousand lives intersecting on a single street corner. But, each big city is also different. In Dublin, beyond the noise and bustle [...]


Portmagee Panorama

Portmagee Panorama

Isn't it about time you visited Ireland? Come on! Book that ticket. Rent a car. Circle the Iveragh Peninsula and summit the fog-covered mountains that fall into a sloping patchwork of green fields. Stop in Portmagee and order a pint at the Bridge Bar. Make a few new friends as traditional, Irish music pulses through [...]

The Ogham

The Ogham

I'm a sentimental girl, an incurable romantic prone to fits of nostalgia. Because of this, I have booked four trips to Ireland looking for...I don't know. Lost love? A little white cottage with a thatched roof in which I can dream and write? The perfect travel photograph? An actual leprechaun or a metaphorical pot of [...]

Set Aside

I can spend hours playing with my photos - arbitrarily adjusting hues, contrast, and saturation. Converting from color to black & white and then back again. Oftentimes, I dodge and burn all my interest right out of the photo and then toss it aside in frustration. And it's not like anything was wrong with the [...]

Three Times is Never Enough

Today, I'm at Jansen Art Center in Lynden, Washington on a writer's retreat with 11 other writers. We're all sitting in the library upstairs, sipping coffee and tapping away on our laptops. I'm pouring through photos of Ireland and trying to gain inspiration to finish writing the final chapter of my book. Yes, the FINAL chapter! [...]

Haunted by Ireland

A giant, laminated map of the world hangs above my bed, reminding me of all of the places I want to go: South Africa, Botswana (almost anywhere in Africa, really), China, Greece, Romania, and about 1,000 other places. And yet, out of all the grand options available, something about Ireland always calls out to me. [...]


Today I am dreaming of County Galway and the Connemara Loop, channelling the spirit of Ireland to finish my memoir. Next week I'm flying to New York City to attend a pitch conference and will have the opportunity to pitch my book directly to the editors of some major publishing houses. Excited doesn't even begin [...]

Reason to Love Ireland #125

I found this castle while driving past Ballyconneely, Ireland, and of course what random castle in Ireland would be complete without a flock of blackbirds diving in and out of it? I'm not sure who this one belongs to...maybe Maeve the Pirate Queen? With so many intriguing legends in Ireland, some interesting history must be [...]