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The Streets of New Orleans

You first enter New Orleans a little tone deaf and flat-footed, tripping over the broken, heat-stressed sidewalks and the frenetic pace of Bourbon Street. Maybe there’s a Hurricane in your belly. You feel like simmering gumbo, stirred together with so many strange people—your flavors and stenches mixing, mingling with the notes of a distant band.… Continue reading The Streets of New Orleans

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Capturing Iceland

This is my Iceland Writers Retreat writing competition submission. While I didn't win this year, I was one of the finalists. I'm including the photos I took during the 2014 layover that inspired this piece. The rules: Iceland – Regard the Moon! Many authors have drawn parallels between Iceland and the moon. Write a max 500-word… Continue reading Capturing Iceland

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American Refugee: 5 Reasons to Visit Inishturk, Ireland

Last summer I read an article about a tiny Irish island that would welcome American refugees if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. It was a joke, of course, probably meant to drum up some tourism. During every election season stretching as far back as I can remember, Americans threaten to leave the… Continue reading American Refugee: 5 Reasons to Visit Inishturk, Ireland

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Sand Dune Sunset

Death Valley, California After looking at routes out of Las Vegas back to Washington State, I decided to drive through Death Valley. I'd never been there before, and I wanted to visit - very briefly - the hottest place on earth. Stepping out of my car to take pictures was like stepping into a furnace.… Continue reading Sand Dune Sunset

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The Melissani Cave

I wanted to like Melissani Cave, located on the Greek island of Kefalonia. The  Costa Cruise excursion brochure said that our guide would lead a select few down a tunnel and into a subterranean world, where a wooden boat would be waiting on the shore of an underground lake. It sounded like some secret adventure far… Continue reading The Melissani Cave