Common Ground

Because I don’t normally take pictures of my food, unlike my little brother Anthony, I can’t show you the veggie panini I had at Common Ground Coffeehouse and Deli today. But, rest assured it was amazing, and it’s one of the reasons I like working in Burlington.

Also, with its plethora of seating options, Common Ground has been one of my favorite places to study over the years. I’ve even finished quite a few books there in the loft.

Reasons to Love Bellingham

Sunday was a mixed bag. A cough and cold coupled with failed study attempts could have ruined my day. However, I had a great coffee date with my lovely Africa roomie, Jenna. This was followed by some decorating for Adrienne and then the most unexpected, wonderful dinner date with someone new…

Those of you familiar with Bellingham will probably recognize this tasty, Boundary Bay beer sampler. What a fine way to end the weekend!

The Inverse is Also True

I found a new toy on my Droid – an application called PicSay Pro. This actually had to be purchased, which was againist the “free app” rule of the Droid challenge, but it turned out David had been using purchased apps for his iPhone so…

Anyway, I had been trying to color in only the flowers on this shot, which I took in my friend Adrienne’s freshly painted kitchen. However, the more I looked at it, the more I thought that was too obvious. Instead I opted to leave the flowers black and white and restore the background color. I like the effect!

Cake Testing

This is the closest I ever came to feeling like a “kid in a candy store”. After struggling in and out of oddly sized bridesmaid dresses Saturday morning, we returned to Pauli’s house to do the official cake testing for her wedding. What a tough job that was…

This picture is of all of the different types of frosting we had to pair with the cake samples. Like I said, tough job!