A Prayer in the Wind

"Thousands of Tibetans have had to flee from their country and live in exile around the world. Their Prayer Flags continue to represent the tradition of sending out prayers, but they also remind us of a nation of gentle people who have been robbed of their home. Prayer flags are still stamped with prayers and …

Took Man, Left Chair

This should be funny - you know, random chair with a pithy, chalk caption. But all I feel is loss. Someone has a man, and she's probably out doing fun hipster things with him, and all I'm left with is this discarded chair.


I decided to start my Christmas vacation a day early. It's a good thing I did, because it SNOWED! And there I was with a new lens that needed breaking in...

Barbie’s Berries

Today, I discovered Barbie's Berries in Ferndale, Washington. Not only do I like the alliteration of the farm's name, I like that I'm eating something locally grown. And yes, I play with my food before I eat it! In my kitchen, anything is art.