Toy Cam

This is the picture of the day for Saturday, since I never did log in at all yesterday. I decided to start experimenting with the Toy Cam feature on my FxCamera application for Droid. This picture is from breakfast at Arliss Restaurant yesterday.--------------------------- Jolene Hanson Photography DROID Photo of the Day


Anne chooses her burrito at Casa de Pasa. This is also the second picture in which Anne's hand appears in one of my pictures. I love having her in town!--------------------------- Jolene Hanson Photography DROID Photo of the Day

Who Shall It Be?

Lonely Planet, Frommer's, Fodor's, or Rick Steves? Which travel guide to Ireland shall I choose?Yesterday...I chose none of the above. I decided to go a different route instead and picked up "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers. I feel like a little leisure reading before the next quarter, and armed with a …

Time Waster

Ticking away the hours that make up a dull day...One of the ways to pass time at the fire hall.--------------------------- Jolene Hanson Photography DROID Photo of the Day

Truth from Tolstoy

The supervisors in our Correspondence Department decided to start posting quotes of the day on a white board as you enter their area. This is the first one they posted. All I did was use Picsay Pro to turn the shot black and white, and this is what I got!--------------------------- Jolene Hanson Photography DROID Photo …