The Burden of Being Fancy

When I got my Nikon D800 four years ago I thought, this camera is going to change my life. I dubbed her “Fancy” and vowed to travel the world with her, taking once in a lifetime photographs that would have National Geographic pounding at my door. Today, I just think about how much she makes my wrists hurt and how there are probably thousands of people running around with Fancys of their own, wanting a shot with National Geographic or Lonely Planet.

I’ve learned that I’m lazy. I don’t necessarily want to learn all the nerdy and technical components about photography that will make me better at it. At the end of the day, I just want to capture what’s beautiful about the world around me. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

More and more often, I take pictures on my cellphone, which is funny because that’s how this whole blog started years ago: cellphone photos. That’s not to say I’ve totally lost interest in Fancy; I’m just a lot more selective about when I take her out. During my last trip to England, I took most of my photos on my phone. I mean, it’s compact; I can easily hide it in my purse when I’m done using it. I don’t have to worry about breaking it. I can instantly upload photos to social media.

So…sorry, Fancy. Here are some of my favorite cellphone photos from England earlier this month.

ReflectionInterior Bath AbbeyBath Abbey GirlOpen Air TheaterSt Ives 10

Shadow SelfieSt. Ives BeachSt IvesSt Ives 5St Ives 7St Ives BoatsTin Mine

Climb to CastleTin Mine3MailboxHastings 2

Hastings AlleyHastings CastleHastings 3Battle AbbyBattle Abby2White CliffsWhite Cliffs 2

14 thoughts on “The Burden of Being Fancy

  1. I love all of these! The wine glass is my favorite though. That needs to go… like on a wall somewhere. Or on something you can sell. 😉

    I’m the same, I love being able to take beautiful DSLR pictures, but I’d rather not have to carry it around when I travel. More and more, these fancy smartphones are getting the job done!

      1. Thanks Jolene. I have a samsung but a much older version. I’m looking to upgrade and I was going to buy a camera, so maybe I should just combine costs on a great phone. Thanks

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I like taking a variety of photos to give people an armchair adventure. (And so I can remember enough details to write about the place later.)

  2. You must remember one thing Jolene: You already have what it takes to one day get your photos published at any famous magazine. It’s not you camera. It’s your talent to be a good photographer. You just proved it with this post! Good work! 🙂

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