Winter on Lake Padden



This scene on Lake Padden (south of Bellingham, Washington – a place without snow) is winter to me: the naked trees, the fog, the way the neglected dock slopes into the water.

What is winter like where you live?



9 comments on “Winter on Lake Padden”
  1. Wow, i like how the trees frame the ebd if the bridge.

  2. One of my very favorite spots, looks so different through your lens. Wonderful!

  3. avian101 says:

    Beautiful composition Jolene! Our winter has been colder than usual in north west Georgia. 🙂

      1. avian101 says:

        Rarely, last year we got 2 inches of snow in Atlanta and it was a chaos that lasted one week at a cost of millions of dollars. They do not have plows of salt etc.

  4. Winter where I live look a lot like that 🙂

    1. Ha! I’m surprised I’ve only ran into you once around Padden!

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