London Vintage

Perhaps it was the time of day or the lights surrounding each capsule on the London Eye, but all my photos turned out so BLUE.  My “before” photo is not at all how I remembered that view.

Playing around with my new Nik software today, I tried to salvage it.  I added a vintage filter using Color Efex Pro 4… and I am digging the result. Okay, the “after” photo isn’t how I remember the view either, but it has sort of an old postcard feel to me now.


8 thoughts on “London Vintage

  1. The difference in feel – as well as look – to the photos is astonishing. I like the vintage feel to the after one too. It suits the subject.

    1. Thank you! I keep looking for excuses to use the vintage filter, but I find there are so few subjects on which it would be appropriate. Loved trying it out here.

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