two chairs

Grey-blue waters lap cold against the snow-covered shore, and  white flakes brush the seam away from the horizon. I cannot say where the sea ends and the sky begins.

Snow swirls down on the island through the evergreens. Fragrant smoke curls up and out of a chimney, whisked away to an ethereal dance floor. It’s beautiful and perfect except for the two empty chairs sitting side by side on the hillside.  They remind me that somewhere beyond the obscured horizon is the sliver of mainland…

And you.

5 thoughts on “Shore

  1. Love this image. I feel memories here with these two lonely chairs stuck in Winter’s cold drifts. Basking in warm sunny days. The smell of fresh cut green grass. Seas of moving colors as flowers wave in the breeze. Nestled with a good book. A glass of delicious red wine as the sun goes down. And on…and on..and on. Thank you for this post. This really brings images of living off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA on Martha’s Vineyard for ten years.

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