Took Man, Left Chair

This should be funny – you know, random chair with a pithy, chalk caption. But all I feel is loss. Someone has a man, and she’s probably out doing fun hipster things with him, and all I’m left with is this discarded chair.




5 comments on “Took Man, Left Chair”
    1. After I posted this yesterday, I read one of your lastest posts…which happened to be on chairs. What interesting timing, I thought. Also, fantastic post!

      1. I have a thing for chairs for sure. I might have left the man and taken the chair! 😀
        Thank you for reading my chair post too!

  1. It looks like it was a nice chair once, an expensive chair. So maybe she left him and threw the chair away as she stormed out the door. Or maybe someone just spilled red wine on it at a party and they couldn’t get the stain out.

    1. There is a story in this, I can feel it…Maybe I’ll come back to this and write something…

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