Breaking Free


Human beings crave boundaries and defined limits. We spend a great deal of our lives protecting and defending them. They make us feel safe. But, sometimes I feel like we’ve fenced ourselves inside a property and then boxed ourselves into a house. Wouldn’t it be great just to let go of all that for a little while and see the world? Open our hearts and minds to something outside of our little plots of land that don’t really belong to us anyway? What would happen if we allowed ourselves to break free? Try to do all the things we ever dreamed of? That’s not to say, live foolishly and without a plan. But, take some steps away from your comfort zone. See what you might find out there in this big world.

9 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. I can tell you that letting it all go, job, home security (just some small amount in the account to assure that you will not end up in the street) and go explore the world is the best thing you can do! Certain securities, however, are essential: Health, enough food, people who support and love you and knowing that you can always find work and a roof above your head. So you need to have certain basics to be able to explore. If you don’t, it is just about survival…

    1. I agree. Struggling the whole time would hardly be worth it. I’m thinking I may plan hard, and when I turn 40 in a few years I may just leave for a year. Why not… 🙂

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