A Better Reality


I know many of you out there are purists when it comes to your photographs, and that’s okay. Power lines, stop signs, annoying tourists stepping in front of your shot – all part of the moment. I don’t see it that way, and Photoshop was made for a girl like me.

I layered one shot on top of the other, letting the tulip line on the second layer cover the greenhouses and other “junk”. Then, I erased the pieces of the second layer I didn’t want and cropped the final photo slightly. I feel this draws the eye to the photographer more and provides a better sense of scale. She isn’t competing for attention. Power lines, stop signs, and tourists – good-bye!


15 thoughts on “A Better Reality

  1. I think your version is nice and being YOUR version, you’re free to do what you please! I’m the type who will move around until a tree covers a power line or person since I like to minimize the man-made distractions. But that’s just me. You have some great subjects around you in WA and an endless diversity. Looking forward to following your work:) EE

  2. Excellent !
    All mass media constructs reality. The difference between a “snapshot” and a “photograph” is how well it has been composed. The image is “pure” in terms of how well it conveys the intended message.

  3. Hi Jolene, Glad you posted the before and after. I actually don’t mind ‘things’ in my shots, but in this case… definitely nicer without the building. And great idea of how you edited. -Kim

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