A Better Reality


I know many of you out there are purists when it comes to your photographs, and that’s okay. Power lines, stop signs, annoying tourists stepping in front of your shot – all part of the moment. I don’t see it that way, and Photoshop was made for a girl like me.

I layered one shot on top of the other, letting the tulip line on the second layer cover the greenhouses and other “junk”. Then, I erased the pieces of the second layer I didn’t want and cropped the final photo slightly. I feel this draws the eye to the photographer more and provides a better sense of scale. She isn’t competing for attention. Power lines, stop signs, and tourists – good-bye!



15 comments on “A Better Reality”
  1. I think your version is nice and being YOUR version, you’re free to do what you please! I’m the type who will move around until a tree covers a power line or person since I like to minimize the man-made distractions. But that’s just me. You have some great subjects around you in WA and an endless diversity. Looking forward to following your work:) EE

    1. Thank you, Eric! I look forward to seeing more of your work as well. I’m really impressed with your images!

  2. elmediat says:

    Excellent !
    All mass media constructs reality. The difference between a “snapshot” and a “photograph” is how well it has been composed. The image is “pure” in terms of how well it conveys the intended message.

  3. Hi Jolene, Glad you posted the before and after. I actually don’t mind ‘things’ in my shots, but in this case… definitely nicer without the building. And great idea of how you edited. -Kim

  4. Susanne Haun says:

    I like your changes. The photo shows like a big pink lonely.

  5. love it!! I have the same photo (or very similar) without all the great photoshop technique, and man it really makes a difference! Love the altered version.

  6. As fine art photographers, we are not bound by the same constraints as photojournalists. Whatever helps in the expression of your art is acceptable IMO.

  7. Genete says:

    Like the “after”.

    1. Thank you, tetbautista!

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