Three Times is Never Enough


Today, I’m at Jansen Art Center in Lynden, Washington on a writer’s retreat with 11 other writers. We’re all sitting in the library upstairs, sipping coffee and tapping away on our laptops. I’m pouring through photos of Ireland and trying to gain inspiration to finish writing the final chapter of my book. Yes, the FINAL chapter! And as I wrap up my thoughts on my journeys through Ireland, I find myself missing it again, longing for the rain slicked streets in Dublin, the perilous country roads, the rainbows springing up around castle ruins, and talking with boys in bars. Maybe one day, after my book is published, I’ll have the opportunity to go again. One, twice, three times – with some places, it’s never enough.

12 thoughts on “Three Times is Never Enough

  1. I think you’re supposed to click your heels three times and repeat “There’s no place like Ireland.”

    Perhaps you can work escaping in a hot air ballon into the last chapter of your book. It’s exciting stuff.

  2. Take a deep breath and dive in. I know you can do it, and I can’t wait to enjoy the outcome! I feel the same way about India. I’m not sure I’ll ever be tired of returning. Ireland is a place I need to go back too as well… some of us are just bigger wanderers than others. Neither is better or worse, but wanderers don’t settle easily.

    1. I try to stay settled, but that wandering spirit is hard to contain!

      Although I didn’t make much headway on the last chapter that Saturday, I did a lot with it over the week. It’s really starting to take shape…finish line is so close… 🙂

  3. Search your heart and soul, Jolene… there must be a profound reason why you are attracted to Ireland. It’s never too many times — to do the things you enjoy and love. Looking forward to reading your book. 🙂

    1. I love writer’s retreats – especially if the goal is to share my work at the end of the day. Reading in front of other talented writers always challenges me to search for a better word or expression. I got a lot done that day (mostly on edits, not my last chapter though)!

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