Courtesy of RoozenGaarde

The tulips are here! Every spring, for a few short weeks, the Skagit Valley glows with miles and miles of blossoming fields. My friend Sarah and I visited the RoozenGaarde fields last night for some photos. I’m in the middle of sifting through a couple hundred and plan to post more this weekend as well as provide some information on the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

A quick note to photographers who may visit these fields: If you are a professional, or intend to post your photos to a website or display your work in some way, you are required to download and sign a consent form . You will need to take it to the Washington Bulb Company office, which is a short walk from the main RoozenGaarde 3-acre garden.

Courtesy of RoozenGaarde

9 thoughts on “RoozenGaarde

    1. I can only imagine they would like the credit for advertising purposes, and they do have beautiful gardens. But, there are thousands of people there every week who are taking pics and posting online without a consent form. I’m not sure how they’d ever really monitor it.

  1. Interesting. I wonder if Tulip Town has the same policy. I know they don’t allow professional photogs to take portraits in front of the fields, but don’t know if they require a consent form.

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