Cheeky Llama

Is it just my imagination (and my tendency to anthropomorphize), or is that Llama (or possibly Alpaca) checking out the grazers behinds? Should I assume this is a male Llama?

He does seem rather satisfied with himself…

8 thoughts on “Cheeky Llama

  1. Well llamas are known for ability contemplate & their spiritual harmony. Or am I getting a bit confused ?

    A vet near us tried to raise a few llamas, but the bears found them easy dinner. I wondered if large scale ranches have much trouble with predators.

    1. I think the biggest concern we’d have out here is cougars. But, even they are a bit elusive. You know, as I look at this again, I think this might actually be an alpaca. They’re a bit smaller than Llamas.

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