New Worlds


People are fascinated by pictures of doors, especially those that are old and weathered. In fact, I’ve seen entire websites dedicated to them. Perhaps they symbolize our longing to enter new worlds? Or, maybe they represent the secrets of old worlds and past lives that shouldn’t be revisited.

I found this particular doorway at Ardgillan Castle outside of Dublin.  Sure, the lighting effect is no more than a trick with a camera lens, but it carries a symbolic weight for me – like I am about to enter a new world, and some divine blessing awaits.



4 comments on “New Worlds”
  1. John says:

    One day, I intend to live in a house with a brightly colored front door… somehow they always make me think of that poem about being an old woman wearing purple….

    1. John, if you do I’ll come take a picture of it. 😛

  2. A beautiful post, I think it’s the idea that every single door has a different appearance as well as something different that lies behind it. Appearances can be deceiving!

    1. Hi Adrian – thank you for your comment! You are right – appearances can be deceiving, as I’ve found throughout the years.

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