Reason to Love Ireland #125

What Castle is This?

I found this castle while driving past Ballyconneely, Ireland, and of course what random castle in Ireland would be complete without a flock of blackbirds diving in and out of it? I’m not sure who this one belongs to…maybe Maeve the Pirate Queen? With so many intriguing legends in Ireland, some interesting history must be attached to it.

9 thoughts on “Reason to Love Ireland #125

    1. Haha! If they were bats, I wouldn’t have left my car. I actually think they are part of the crow family. According to one site I found that “Ravens and crows alike were considered to be incarnations of the Valkyries, Norse warrior goddesses that roamed the battlefield searching for the souls of the dead, and the raven was a symbol for the Morrigan, the Irish death-goddess.” Interesting, with my Norse heritage…

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