Baby Daffodils

There are a few activities in life that require a person to assume a strange position. For example, this afternoon Andy walked out of his condo and found me laying on the sidewalk looking up at these little daffodils.

“I know, this looks strange,” I said, “but it’s the only way to get the view of the flowers I want.”

“You just look like a photographer,” he responded and then jumped into his car with his own camera bag.

He gets it, but I wonder what the neighbors must think!

8 thoughts on “Baby Daffodils

  1. not sure my other comment made it through the screening system

    love the photo, but the flowers are not tulips, they are daffodils, or jonquils, or even narcissus…

  2. the neighbours probably take photos of you through their windows, on their phones, and post it to facebook… people are commenting on those photos right now…

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