The Mystery Remains

If I open the door and step inside, all of the mystery will be over.   I’ll know the darkness hides only a lawnmower, broken chairs, and discarded motor oil containers.  If I remain outside, I can continue to imagine more interesting possibilities: 50 year-old calendars of faded pin-up girls, stacks of dusty books, or maybe coins scattered across a work bench.  Forgotten things, not discarded things.

Not every door needs to be opened.

5 thoughts on “The Mystery Remains

  1. What’s behind the door? Adventure! I don’t think I could have left it unexplored – always pushing to see what’s over the next hill and around the next curve in the road… 🙂

    1. I did actually sneak around and go inside. There was just a bunch of old junk in there – nothing too exciting. Plus, I really did get attacked by mosquitos!

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