GP Destruction

Last year the Port of Bellingham offered tours of the old Georgia-Pacific property, the last opportunity prior to its demolition. See Port of Bellingham – GP Photography Tour post. See also my Facebook photo gallery.

Demolition is now in full swing. Since I had the day off, I thought I’d walk by from a legal and safe distance, and snap a few photos. Now I want to destroy something. This looks like fun!

So small
Tracey standing in the Danger Zone last August. The section behind her was destroyed today.

4 thoughts on “GP Destruction

  1. I lived in an apartment that was right across an old mill. I photographed the whole process till it was gone and then the new construction. It was then when I realized that the city where I live is changing really fast and I started to take pictures of places that I know won`t be there long. I have a series of afters and befores, it`s become an habit!!!

  2. Great photos! I love industrial photography. I think there is a strange beauty in machinery. Also, deserted, abandoned, crumbling buildings have a beauty to them as well.

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