Life in Focus 2012

Focus changes over time.  Interests either evolve or quietly dissolve.   The people who hold our attention today either grow more captivating or fade into the backdrop of our ever expanding lives.  But, I think with each hour of each day, we somehow fine tune what matters and hone in on our true talents and abilities.  Just think, 4 years ago I wanted to be a firefighter!  I was so passionate about it too!  Now? I’m so glad I figured out my calling in life does not involve 3 a.m. wake up calls and 4 alarm fires.  I’m far more content to work on my writing and photography.

Sooo, 2012…

I’m about 6ish chapters into writing my first book – a memoir about my trips to Ireland.  In tandem with that project, I’m working on some short fiction and using my new favorite website, Writers Market, to find appropriate publications for my work.  Goals?  Finish the memoir this year, secure an agent, and find a publisher.  If Elizabeth Gilbert can sell Eat, Pray, Love there’s no reason why I can’t sell Ireland (a far more interesting “I” country, in my opinon).

Photography is still interesting but in a different way.  I tried the whole taking portraits and wedding photo thing for a little while, but it drove me absolutely crazy.  I prefer taking photos as life happens without being concerned if the bride got a picture of the bouquet toss or if someone refuses to pay for their pictures because of their armfat.  That’s not fun. And I didn’t get into photography to create more work for myself – I wanted a calm pastime.  So, I will continue to photograph the world as I see it on my terms, with one goal: learn one new thing each week.

So, there you go – a snippet of my life and of things to come.  Here are some previously unpublished photos from the past month:

24 thoughts on “Life in Focus 2012

  1. Jolene, I think you are a wonderful photographer. I think the first comment I left on your blog here was about how you can take a normal object – something many of us would overlook – and make something fantastic out of it. Case in point: your self-portrait above. Keep up the good work. People can be frustrating as clients, but, at the end of the day, you have to be happy with your work and know that you did your best. There are always the “good clients” that make it worthwhile.

    1. I know there are “good clients” out there too. LOL. It just seems like the “bad” ones are louder. It is worthwhile, though – you are right. Thank you for your insights. 🙂

  2. I do love your work — it inspires me to be better at my own photography. I must admit, I’ve not picked up my camera much lately. Inspiration doesn’t seem to be easy to find these days.

    Like you, I tried the Photographing People for awhile, and, quite frankly, got so disgusted with my fellow humans that I’ve sworn to never take another portrait again! Like it’s my fault they don’t look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in the photograph — if you don’t look like them to begin with, there’s only so much I can do to make you look better. And, really, I prefer to photograph things the way they are, rather than photograph something and then try to digitally make it look like something it’s not.

    Good luck with your writing — I’m working on a few essays, which will hopefully show up on my blog soon.

  3. Well done ! I particularly like the first two images. The last one is an intriguing set-up for a short story. It would be interesting to see it in B&W or muted tones.

  4. Nope. Been trying to psyche myself up for it, to learn the new camera and all. Looks like I’ll be working from home the next few days, somaybe I’ll warm up with some shots of the dogs in the snow.

    Happy New Year!

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