Frosted Teasel

I’m the last person you’ll find waking up early on a Sunday; however, I somehow managed this weekend in order to get some early morning shots in the Skagit Valley. I was hoping for fog to capture some good landscape shots. That didn’t really work out. Instead, I found a bunch of Common Teasel – a weed found all over the Northwest – looking rather majestic covered in frost. I’m not much of a landscape girl anyway; the small details are much more fascinating.

Some perspective on the height of the Common Teasel

24 thoughts on “Frosted Teasel

  1. You always have photos that stir my imagination and warm me within. They’re like poetry, flattering my point of view and taking my attention captive. Now I can’t wait for an early morning frost so I can get out in the bush with my camera.

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