In Search of Autumn

I had to Photoshop Andy out of the picture.
Can you see the moth and the bee?

In search of Autumn, I found a field full of flowers instead of beautiful fall foliage. I’ll have to try again next weekend. The trees will have more color anyway.

I’m a little sad right now, because a year ago I was planning my first trip to Ireland. People who have travelled there often tell me it haunts them. I understand. I flew there twice in 6 months, and it haunts me still. A memoir writing class is helping organize my thoughts, and I hope to have a completed manuscript about my experience by Spring. I wrote so much earlier this afternoon, I hardly know what to blog about now, and I’m dangerously close to just babbling. And now I’m at a loss for how to wrap this up…sooo, enjoy the photos! More next weekend!

11 thoughts on “In Search of Autumn

  1. I thought something was missing from that first image…!
    “I wrote so much earlier this afternoon, I hardly know what to blog about now”
    I so wish I had your troubles;)

  2. Not the typical fall images, and I like that. I think great writing is a form of controlled babbling, so you are on your way! πŸ˜‰

  3. These are beautiful Jolene. Actually I’m glad you didn’t find autumn yet… these photos make me feel like summer isn’t over. Good to hear about your writing… though sometimes I think babbling can be a good though organizer. πŸ˜‰

  4. I love the perspective of the second sunflower! The yellow pops against the sky. (I like your header too!)

  5. Jolene, you are doing great with your photography and writing. You will succeed because you are focused and you don’t let doubt or the past paint your canvas! I admire your courage to move forward!

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