What’s the Best Camera?

Answer: The one you have on you.  For most of us, that’s our mobile phone.  Sure, there are limitations, but it’s still possible to get some good shots!   

“Jolene’s Life in Focus” actually started as an experiment in mobile phone art early in 2010.  Long before I ever owned a DSLR, I had my Motorola Droid.  So, I decided to launch a simple, 5 megapixel project in creativity.  Using only apps available on the Android market, these pictures were taken and edited right in the palm of my hand!  It really taught me a lot about lighting and composition, believe it or not.  This is a collection of some of my favorite shots during that time period. 

When you have no fancy lenses available, what can you create?


14 thoughts on “What’s the Best Camera?

  1. A very interesting project! And something I’ve thought for a long time now – it’s NOT all about the camera. We have a friend who is into amateur photography, who for years took brilliant shots with a tiny little compact camera. Like you, he just has a very good eye for composition. Luckily, I’ve enlisted him as one of my “roving photographers/reporters”.

  2. I really like the composition and the creativity behind each shot. Often times, I think we do our best work when we are limited with choices because it forces you to think outside of the box. These are great photos Jolene. 🙂

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