Thoughts on Love


Love is an explosion of life and beautiful expectation. Every second is quiet rapture. 

The wrong person can elicit feelings of trepidation.  While it’s good to take chances, not every threshold is meant to be crossed.

There are some people I’ll love my whole life, no matter how many years pass and no matter what rises and falls around me.  Every time I hear their voice the years crumble, and I find myself living in yesterday.



9 comments on “Thoughts on Love”
  1. Caryn says:


  2. schleefy says:

    Perfect Photos…I like the last one most….

  3. Ruth Rasmussen says:

    Well done, Jolene (as usual)!

  4. Really like the first image Jolene. Where were the second two taken?

    1. It was at an abandoned house somewhere around Ferndale and Hovander Park. That’s about the best direction I can give you – Andy was driving.

  5. I loved reading your words of love to coincide with your photos. Nicely done. I like the last image, probably more for what it says to me when I see it.

  6. Mike says:

    Very well done, words and images.

  7. John says:

    Wonderful sentiments and photos! I’m totally in love with the doorknob photo!

  8. bonniegunkel says:

    Beautiful photos. Love the doorknob. 🙂

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