Let There Be Light!

Well, what do you know?  The sun does come out in the Pacific Northwest!  It decided to emerge for an entire weekend.  This was nice, considering it was Dirty Dan Days in Fairhaven, where I got several shots of some performers this afternoon and enjoyed the Chuckanut Chowder Cook-off.  After leaving Fairhaven, I took a walk by the marina for some additional photos – since I generally don’t have time during the week anymore.   

For a while I was trying to do a photo a day.  However, this just isn’t realistic for me these days.  I’m liking the idea of a post a week – maybe an extra one if I have time.  But, I’m not going to stress out over it.  Having a photo blog should be fun, not a burden after all.


11 thoughts on “Let There Be Light!

  1. The photos are really quite good… however, I must comment on the fact that there was a chowder cook-off and I was not invited. I’m all about chowder (my mom being from New England, and all).

    I’m assuming my invitation was lost in the mail…


  2. Love your last photo, great perspective to the boats. I hear you about not posting every day. It’s tough to keep up. I try to post whenever I can, but I think sticking to a schedule might help. I look forward to your posts!

  3. It was great to see the sun this weekend. I like the shots – especially the ones of the ribbon twirly person. And I agree on your thoughts about photo blogging – we all have other things going on in life – I enjoy your posts and will be happy to read them at whatever pace you feel comfortable publishing them. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mike! Monday through Friday it’s nearly impossible to post anything with all these books and papers I’m writing for my American Literature class. I do what I can, though!

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