Get a Little Closer

First Macro Attempt
My request for a macro lens was granted, if only for a few days thanks to Jen, of Jen Martin Studios (go check out her website, she’s really good!!), who saw my blog post. 

I learned that macro photography requires a steady hand, great lighting, and quick shutter speed.  My objective was to get more of the detail on the flower I posted last week.  However, since it seems to be really windy here all of the time, it was hard to get a shot that didn’t turn out blurry.  This one was my best attempt.

16 thoughts on “Get a Little Closer

  1. This is really good, especially for the first time out with a macro lens. Marco is tough. I’ve had my macro lens for about 2 years, and, it can still be a bit frustrating. Getting the focal point exactly right, along with the kind of depth of field that you want really does take lots of practice!

    Can you do macro without a macro lens — yes and no. True macro photography is not about getting close, it’s about the ratio of the image. Macro means that the size of the image in the photo is life size. Close up, which gets done with non-macro lenses makes the image print out at smaller than life size. (Though, I’m sure you know this!) Macro lenses are nice, but, don’t let the lack of a macro lens keep you from photographing things up close!

    Macro lenses make great all-purpose lenses as well — obviously you can’t do the same shots as with a wide-angle lens, but I hardly use my zoom lens anymore. I use my prime lens (35mm), and my macro (105mm) for practically everything I do.

    (I’m babbling, huh?) 🙂

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