Skagit Valley Spider Web

I would have been early for work today if it had not been for the fog rolling across the Skagit Valley, illuminating the foothills of the Cascades with the sun’s reflection.  This inspired a slight detour with my Nikon, neglected since well before County Cork, Ireland, where I’d lost all creative energy.

I happened to pull off the road next to an abandoned farmhouse, which thwarted my original goal of capturing fog when I saw the spider webs lining one of the gates. 

I was only slightly late to work once I’d finished…and made a Starbuck’s pit stop…

13 thoughts on “Detour

    1. You know…I was so focused on the web that I wasn’t even thinking of the spiders! But, that’s a valid point. Suddenly, I feel like my skin is crawling… 🙂

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