Ireland Pictures

Giant's Causeway

I edited and posted some pictures from my Ireland trip to my online gallery.  If you feel so inclined, please take a look!  It’s hard to believe that my bittersweet trip has come to an end already.

On my last day in Ireland, I finally figured out where to begin the book I’ve been wanting to write.  Ever since, the ideas have been flowing onto paper.

Do you think that if I fly back to Ireland and rent a little cottage by the sea for the purposes of writing my book, that I could write off the expenses on my taxes?  🙂



4 comments on “Ireland Pictures”
  1. If you do can I come visit? I have loved seeing Ireland through your eyes! Supposedly Im Irish…not sure from who though. Haha! Our family doesnt chat much so important details like this fade.

  2. I loved Ireland when we were there, would love to go back (and to many other places). Nice conversion job.

  3. Mike says:

    I took a look through Smugmug – great shots, definitely worth a visit there! Looks like you and the new camera / lens are getting along well. Welcome back, and looking forward to seeing you on the next photo walk.

  4. Jolene , this is a lovely B& W image, great perspective. I’ll check out Smugmug later. I’m glad to see that you are back home too. Best wishes on your book, you can rent a cottage anywhere and still write off those taxes. Sounds like a great plan. I hope to get an autographed copy someday. 🙂

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