What a Difference a Lens Makes

Inspired by Mike’s Blog, and posts such as Carrot Catastrophe – The Wrath of Sticks, and Bad Everything Day, I decided I wanted the first pictures with my new 18-200 mm lens (which was waiting on the doorstep when I got home today!!!) to be of the horses down the road.   What personalities!

And what a difference a lens makes.  I’d been using a little 18-55 mm until the new one arrived.  This new Nikkor blew the old one out of the water.   Well, in my opinion.  Of course, it’s just nice having a longer focal range.

Oh look!  Visitors!

I think I’ll go say hello…

Shall I pose for you?

15 thoughts on “What a Difference a Lens Makes

  1. Jolene, I’m so happy for you and your new lens, makes me like mine even more. :). You have great photo captures here. I love the close up and that look on the horses face- priceless. Enjoy.

  2. I’m totally in love with horse #3!

    You’ll love your new lens… having that much range all in one lens is such a happy thing!

  3. Great shots. You definitely captured some of the personality. Horses are always fun to shoot – except for when they try to nibble on your camera. And thanks for the mention!

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