What a Difference a Lens Makes

Inspired by Mike’s Blog, and posts such as Carrot Catastrophe – The Wrath of Sticks, and Bad Everything Day, I decided I wanted the first pictures with my new 18-200 mm lens (which was waiting on the doorstep when I got home today!!!) to be of the horses down the road.   What personalities!

And what a difference a lens makes.  I’d been using a little 18-55 mm until the new one arrived.  This new Nikkor blew the old one out of the water.   Well, in my opinion.  Of course, it’s just nice having a longer focal range.

Oh look!  Visitors!

I think I’ll go say hello…

Shall I pose for you?



15 comments on “What a Difference a Lens Makes”
  1. Emily Gooch says:

    Great capture Jolene. Love the last two shot! Can’t wait to see more wonderful images with your new lens. 🙂

    1. I love the close ups as well. Wish I could have joined all of you on the photo walk this weekend, Emily! Sounds like you all had a blast.

  2. How much fun! Cant wait to see what youre off shooting!

    1. Thanks, Morgan. Can’t wait to get my new camera to Ireland for some new stuff.

  3. Jolene, I’m so happy for you and your new lens, makes me like mine even more. :). You have great photo captures here. I love the close up and that look on the horses face- priceless. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks, Martina. The lens has been everything I have wanted and more so far!

  4. jfn2nd says:

    I’m totally in love with horse #3!

    You’ll love your new lens… having that much range all in one lens is such a happy thing!

    1. Horse number 3 is my favorite as well! It’s such a happy shot!

  5. Awesome! Glad you got the new lens! It will bring your game up to a whole new level having that focal range. I use my 18-270mm about 90% of the time.

    1. Yes, Mike – that focal range is nice! I loved having it this weekend for a roller derby bout I photographed.

  6. Wow, very nice! The close-ups are funny with the horse rolling its eyes.

    1. I know! It’s like he realized we didn’t have any carrots for him or anything and just rolled his eyes at us.

  7. Thanks, Mike! I had my friend Andy there to divert any potential lens nibbling. Lol.

  8. Mike says:

    Great shots. You definitely captured some of the personality. Horses are always fun to shoot – except for when they try to nibble on your camera. And thanks for the mention!

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