Shipwrecked II

Can you believe there were two shipwrecked boats on the same beach?  Well there were, and I was a little surprised considering this is Bellingham.  

I wasn’t even going to log on to my computer tonight to post, but then decided to visit to order the Nikon 18mm – 200mm f/3.5-5.6 I’ve been wanting to go with my new camera.  It was important to get this new lens, because I just found out I’ll be one of the photographers at the Bellingham Roller Betties bout next weekend!   I’ve secretly wanted to be in the roller derby, but considering I can’t skate and don’t take pain very well, photographing a bout is a far better alternative for me!  I’m really excited!

Happy Friday, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Shipwrecked II

  1. And that, Jolene, is why I love Adorama! 😀 You are still in the dog house for not letting me know when you are going next…ahem…

    Congratz on the gig and the new lens. Cait really liked that boat when we were there the other day. 😀

  2. Nice shot of the boat – I need to check that beach out next time I’m in Bellingham. And I hope you like your 18-200 lens as much as I like mine. 🙂

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