Checking In

I stepped away from the dyslexic chaos I know as logarithms just before all of my grey matter unfolded this afternoon.   It’s a good thing, because I need it for my Monday night exam.  What?  I promised not to talk about Algebra anymore?  Oh, yes….my apologies.

I did treat myself to a photo walk this afternoon to unwind, which is also a good thing because I haven’t posted anything in a week.  The blogs I LOVE to read have been neglected as well, but I’m afraid I probably won’t get to them until Tuesday.  I’m so excited to have a few extra moments to check in and see all the pictures and stories I’ve missed. 

One thing I do want to share is that I watched Born into Brothels, the documentary suggested by a couple of readers last week about a project in India which helped children of Calcutta’s red light district get an education through photography.   The project was called Kids with Cameras, and through donations and partnerships, continues to operate today.   It’s a fascinating, sometimes heart-breaking story that’s worth checking out. 

That’s all for now.  I’ll check back in mid-week to finally get caught up!

13 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. It’s great that you have something to look forward to. Your viewers (like me) look forward to seeing your photos. Best of luck on your Math too! The Kids with Cameras also has other links to great causes, thanks for sharing.

  2. Good to see your creativity is still intact from the Algebra chaos. Hang in there Jolene… soon… you’ll be sipping Guinness and meeting cute Irish guys. 😀

    I like your new theme.

    1. Emily – I read your comment as I was leaving my class, and it brought a huge smile to my face! Guinness and cute Irish guys sound really good right now!! 🙂

    1. I do love the new Nikon! Can’t wait to get a better lens, though. I’ll be ordering that 18-200 mm on Friday if all goes as planned (hurry up, IRS!!) 🙂

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