Fun with Nikon

Bitterly cold winds blew through Whatcom County a couple of days ago…but no snow.  Meteorologists promised, and for a while some flurries got my hopes up…but there was no snow.   I had been hoping to take pictures with my new Nikon D90.

30 minutes south in Skagit County, however, so much snow fell that a stretch of the freeway was closed after dozens of people abandoned their cars, and snow plows couldn’t get through to clear the roads.  Fellow co-workers in the area spent hours digging themselves out, and schools were closed.  David got some great snow pictures.  But, not me.  Not up in poor old Whatcom County.

Today I finally made it down to Skagit County, and there was still plenty of snow.  (Yay!) Ironically, it was the icicles that caught the attention of my camera on its first photo walk and not the snow.   You can see by the shape of the icicles that Skagit County must have had its share of cold winds.  I loved the formations!

19 thoughts on “Fun with Nikon

  1. All wonderful photos. Congrats on the new Nikon D90. How do you like it so far? I really love mine …

    The first two shots are cool (no pun intended) because they show that the wind also had a part in forming the icicles – all bent and twisted. Sorta odd, but they remind me of the teeth you see on those freaky deep sea angler fish! I really like the last shot, though, because of the shadows on the red wall. Very nice!

    1. Thank you for your comments, Joseph! I actually saw an old hand reaching out towards me…I know, a little creepy! I like the teeth idea..but I suppose that’s also a little scary. 🙂

      I am loving the Nikon! Unfortunately, I’ve had a terrible cold most of the time I’ve had it, so I’m anxious to get over it and out shooting.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Believe me, I stood at a safe distance. Even though I was sure I’d be okay, I still had visions of one icicle coming down and then suddenly the whole line of them!

    1. That was the first time I’ve ever gotten “flare” to look like how I wanted! So, the second shot is special – but the first is also still my favorite.

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