Chocolate Makes Me Happy

I can finally breathe again after 5 solid days of studying.  I think I nearly had a caffeine induced panic attack before my exam tonight.  So, I deserve chocolate.  And maybe a glass of wine.  Or two.  I’m not making any promises to be good tonight.  It’s time to unwind!!

P.S. There’s one small thing that bugs me about this picture:  the dust in front of the bunny in focus.  Perhaps I need to do some cleaning now that I have a few days in which no books will be opened…

13 thoughts on “Chocolate Makes Me Happy

  1. oh< i hate to admit it, the dust bugs me too! I took a few pictures of my espresso machine, while making a shot of espresso, and once I pulled them up on my computer- wow, what a dirty machine I had. I didn't feel like cleaning the machine, so no pictures yet. 🙂 -Kim

    1. one more thing- well, two. It is a nice picture, great dof and reflections. And, chocolate and wine- a pretty good combo. Lindt is wonderful. When we were in Austria, we stopped at Bludenz, the entire town smells of chocolate- it fills the air! The Lindt factory is right across from the train station. Yum. (I guess that was three more things!)

  2. Love this picture. The colours are rich and inviting. I never realized how much dirt and dust is actually on everything till I started taking pictures… guess my eyes have gotten accustomed to the dirt.

    Glad you’re all done for awhile.

  3. I read about your upcoming travels and I wanted to recommend the book, Darling Jim. Fantastic fairy tale within a thriller which mentions, I believe, County Cork. It’s a great read and would recommend it highly. Safe travels!

    1. Thank you, Michael – my friend David suggested using the healing tool in PhotoShop next time. However, there’s something about the imperfection that I like as much as dislike. It’s just the way it was.

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