Bus 23

Bus 23, where are you??

Interesting things can be found in the fields of Skagit County – tulips, daffodils, swans, sometimes an eagle, and occasionally – a bus?

16 thoughts on “Bus 23

    1. I think the constant grey of the winter skies definitely lends to the vibe. I wonder if the sun was shining if the mood of this photo would be entirely different? It does still seem very Jeepers Creepers.

    1. Thank you, Aisling. So…looks like I’m coming to Dublin afterall. The little romance I had going on in Cork didn’t work out, and I can’t refund my ticket, so heading up to see friends there instead. I was thinking the photography club you mentioned before sounds interesting.

  1. How crazy, if this is the bus I am thinking it is, they moved it! The bus reminds me of scooby for some odd reason, can’t you just picture scoob and shaggy in the back cowering? 😛 Okay, okay…I will shoosh now!

    1. Dirty, empty busses are creepy. I read too many Stephen King books years ago, and I totally get where you’re coming from. It could be that it’s always overcast these days, which lends to the creepy vibe.

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