Bus 23

Bus 23, where are you??

Interesting things can be found in the fields of Skagit County – tulips, daffodils, swans, sometimes an eagle, and occasionally – a bus?



16 comments on “Bus 23”
  1. Heather says:

    GREAT picture! I think someone should plant flowers in it and have vines crawling in and out of the windows. You sure take some fascinating shots.

    1. I like that idea, Heather! Crawling vines would make it less creepy and more artistic I think. Well…in the summer at least.

  2. EternalForms says:

    How odd and random! 🙂 I’m with Nigel and Mike, though – it definitely could be something out of a horror movie or King book!

    1. I think the constant grey of the winter skies definitely lends to the vibe. I wonder if the sun was shining if the mood of this photo would be entirely different? It does still seem very Jeepers Creepers.

  3. clicksey says:

    Cool photo, I love the colours in it.

    1. Thank you, Aisling. So…looks like I’m coming to Dublin afterall. The little romance I had going on in Cork didn’t work out, and I can’t refund my ticket, so heading up to see friends there instead. I was thinking the photography club you mentioned before sounds interesting.

  4. Nice shot Jolene! some kind of time warp.

  5. How crazy, if this is the bus I am thinking it is, they moved it! The bus reminds me of scooby for some odd reason, can’t you just picture scoob and shaggy in the back cowering? 😛 Okay, okay…I will shoosh now!

    1. That’s so funny – I have two comments about this being creepy/scary and you think of Scooby Do! Love it.

  6. Mike says:

    I think I have been reading too many Stephen King books – I look at that bus and think “there’s something evil in there…”

    1. Dirty, empty busses are creepy. I read too many Stephen King books years ago, and I totally get where you’re coming from. It could be that it’s always overcast these days, which lends to the creepy vibe.

  7. I really really like this picture! Makes me wanna escape from the snowy Denmark and go on a very looong trip somewere!

    1. Thanks, Sophie! I always get the travel bug myself this time of year, and we don’t even usually get the snow!

  8. nigel says:

    This reminds me of Jeepers Creepers 2

    1. No way! It actually reminded me of that too – but wasn’t sure anyone would get the reference if I wrote about it. ha!

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