Layers of Heaven

I was excited about my friend Anne moving in next door.  Little did I know however, she had been keeping a secret from me… 

I should have known, given her Scandinavian roots, that my waistline would be threatened.  It’s common knowledge that Scandinavian girls, Norwegians in particular, are among the best bakers in the world.   But, until I saw and then tasted her first lemon meringue pie, I had no idea what a good baker she happened to be!   Shortly after this pie was devoured, two dozen mini-cupcakes appeared next door sprinkled in coconut.  After indulging in two or three…maybe four of those, I had to leave and separate myself from further culinary temptation.    And when I say leave, I mean –  run away with Anne chasing after me with more cupcakes!! 



12 comments on “Layers of Heaven”
  1. This is one of my favourite things! You know Jolene, the more you take photos of food, the more you’ll want it!

  2. Yummm, you can always bring some in to work for a certain Canadian you know…*ahem…

    1. This is true…but, the question is, would they make it to work? Or, would I eat them on the way?

  3. Mike says:

    I like the photo. If she lived next door to me I would have to move.

    1. I’m in trouble for sure, Mike!

    1. So good – it ruined my New Year’s Resolution to eat healthy…and I don’t feel too badly about that!! 🙂

  4. "Slow" says:

    hoohh….now that looks good…gots to try some!!

    1. There was still some left at the Super Bowl party… you missed out!

    1. Oh, it was! I need to get this receipe…

    2. Oh it was! I should have gotten the recipe for the post…

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