Super Brawl

Last night, the Whidbey Island Roller Girls hosted the “Super Brawl” in Oak Harbor – The Big Hair Bandits vs. The Red Lipstick Mafia.   Julia, a.k.a. Effin’ Magic, (a.k.a. Andy’s sister) asked if I’d take pictures.   Well, of course! 

Roller Derby seems to be growing in popularity here.  I originally became interested in it when I learned of the Bellingham Roller Betties.   They do a great job of explaining how the derby works, if you’d like to visit their website

I tossed the idea of joining the Betties, but ultimately I didn’t have the time to invest, and my skating skills would have probably killed me or someone else.  I skate fast – but stopping has always been a challenge. 

Anyway – I have a lot of pictures to edit, and will be working on them throughout the week.   Here are a few I’ve worked on so far.  The lighting was awful, and of course people were moving fast, so not the easiest task!

It’s not good to land on your own team mate…

Neval has one of the most famous backsides in the derby!

Sometimes the competition talks a little trash.

Effin’ Magic tries to thrwart the Red Lipstick Mafia’s plans.

Things are gonna get ugly…fast!

Direct hit to the face.

Nana Nana Bruise You!

15 thoughts on “Super Brawl

  1. Looks like a lot of fun and I love roller skating though I don’t think I have the competitive aggression to withstand these tough looking women. You did a nice job shooting them considering the condition you had to work with.

    1. Thanks, Emily! Despite it being difficult, I loved it because it challenged me to learn more about what the camera could do and think of things to do differently next time. Events are a lot of fun to photograph.

    1. Thank you, Morgan! Joining an actual derby is a little intimidating, but we have a roller rink by where I work, and this has inspired us on occassion to just go over and skate. It’s a good work out!

  2. I was on the “black team” and am also a professional photographer and the roller barn is one of the hardest places to get great pictures! The photos above are some of the best we have ever gotten of the team in action so thank you very much! Can’t wait to see the rest!

    1. Hey, thanks for your feedback “Rezza Wrecked-Her”! I’d love to come back and take more photos for you…once these are all done. They’ll be all done by the weekend. There were a couple of hundred (talk about a lot of red eye to edit out!)

  3. I agree with Mike good shots considering the lighting challenges. Sorry you couldn’t borrow the flash, next time eh? Let me know when you go next, I think Dev would wanna go!

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