Odd News

Do any of you fellow bloggers ever look at the “Referrers” section in your Site Stats?    As I perused my stats and maneuvered chopsticks over lunch today, I noticed a website called “Odd News“.   This sparked my interest, and I clicked on the link.  The person who noticed my blog name on the WordPress link had apparently been reading a story about a woman who fell 23 stories, landed on a taxi cab and survived.    There’s a terrible little picture of her still laying on the vehicle.  

Well, what else was out there?  The next one was about Hitler’s oldest and last surviving bodyguard who is no longer responding to fan mail.  Bizarre.  Almost choked on my Dynamite Roll after reading that. 

Yesterday I had a referral from an online dating website.  It’s so strange to me where your blog may randomly be advertised.    Others, in the past 30 days, include websites for:

“adult” dating
prostate cancer treatment (cause I need that…)
home improvement
hair color and treatments

Mostly, though, the referring websites are other blogs that I follow.  People find me through the comments I leave on other pages.   So, for new bloggers this is a good tip!  Show interest in others, and you’ll get more traffic on your own site. 

Speaking of Site Stats, I have an updated list of favorite terms that people typed into search engines to get to my blog. 

surviving the apocalypse
algebra calculators
дикие животные  (again!)
fat cat paws
sister snatch
open mouthed shell
and what should my wondering eyes appear
fable 2 how to open doors with purple light
blessed snow
you talking to me
jolean pulled

Happy almost Friday!    Without any homework to do this weekend, I’ll actually be able to get out and take some new pictures!

10 thoughts on “Odd News

  1. I discovered the spam messages a while back after a humourous post it. Now I check it regularly! Only, I’ve decided to stop clicking on the links because the last one I did, not very long ago, wasn’t very reputable.

    I mostly find the comments with them pretty funny, or make no sense at all.

  2. I’ve been getting a lot of referrer spam the last couple of weeks. While it’s nice to see my stat number go up, I would rather see it go up from honest people. WordPress suggest to them the spam links so they can block them.

  3. I ended up with a bunch of referrer spam the last few days as well. But other than those, I love checking out the stats and seeing where people are coming from. Perhaps a bit too much, it can quickly become an addictive habit – or a particularly easy way to procrastinate 😉

  4. Looks like you are getting some referrer spam. They link to a bunch of websites with the hope that you will go to their site. Be careful with that – sometimes you get viruses and other malware that way. If you get a lot of it contact WordPress support – I have had to do it twice in the last few weeks.

    You have some good search terms there. I got a new favorite one on my site today – “half moon poop”.

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