I was reading by my bedroom window yesterday afternoon when I heard the buzzing.   Glancing towards the ceiling, I watched the little wasp crawl towards the overhead light.   As I debated killing it or trapping it to later set it free, it dove abruptly to some unseen location by my bed.  I think I heard the wings rustling on the cotton.   No search was launched, however, as the book was more interesting.

Fast forward 24 hours.  I was packing up the Canon 40d in my new camera bag (thanks Chuck and Karen!) and noticed the pesky little insect inspecting the middle compartment.   Since it didn’t appear to be hostile, I decided to let it live and zipped it up with the Canon for later release.   This was the one shot I got before it flew away.

10 thoughts on “Hitchhiker

  1. Lucky, that wasp didn’t land in place. I would not have been so kind. I have a fear for wasps ever since the day I woke up from a nap and there were gazillion of them buzzing around me. What a nightmare…

    1. I had the perfect title for this earlier in the day, but completely forgot what it was! I still can’t remember, although at the time it was hilarious. Titles can sometimes be tricky…you want to draw people in, but also say something about the post as well without sounding too generic. I may just be overthinking it, which I tend to do! Thanks, Lisa! 🙂

      1. I think it’s a very good title. Definitely made me want to check it out. Also liked the “What’s my function?” and “Wax tails” (which for some bizarre reason I thought was going to be a photo of birds!) ones.

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