Espress-O-Junction, in Burlington, Washington,  is my favorite drive-thru espresso stand between Mount Vernon and Bellingham.   The baristas know what I want before I order it, I love the rich flavor of their espresso, and the little details like chocolate covered coffee beans on the lid just top off the experience.  And really, when you have a long day ahead of you, it’s nice to start off the morning in a familiar place and the wonderful aroma of freshly ground espresso beans.  

This is another shot via my Motorola Droid.   Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Espress-O-Junction

    1. Well, with the capabilities of the iPhones these days, it’s almost like having a mini-DSLR. I think because I don’t have the technical options on my camera phone, I try and be a little more creative so there’s generally a different feel to those photos.

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