Without even looking outside, I knew it was snowing.  Every post on Facebook was announcing it.   Of course, I had my nose in the books trying to figure out graphing.    This wasn’t working well with my phone close by…which has internet access…which kept tempting me to check Facebook.

So, I moved my phone to another room and then did some laundry and the dishes so I wouldn’t be distracted by clutter.  This seemed to help my concentration, and I got into an incredible zone where I was able to finish the homework.

There wasn’t a good opportunity for photography today.  But, I wanted to put forth some effort for my blog, so I stepped out the front door and took a picture of the first thing with snow on it I saw.  So here you go.

I’ve been a little slow to respond to comments on my blog lately and haven’t been the most faithful in checking those I follow.  Don’t worry – I’m still very interested in what everyone is doing and saying.  I just haven’t been able to get to it as often as I’d like.    It’ll be different once I get into a routine with the classes and all the homework.

2 thoughts on “Outside

  1. No worries – we all have times when life gets in the way of what we want to be doing. I’m sure you will find a good balance soon.

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